Aug 8, 2008

feeling this today:

i love an easy job as much as the next person


given my current mood, and sigur ros playing on my headphones,

i wish i could fly

just jump through the window and fly away

where would i go? maybe i will go see that special someone.

if they even want to see me

or maybe i will just go to the beach and fly over the water, and dive in and out like a dolphine

or maybe i will pack a lunch and fly to new york. see some old friends that i miss and love

or maybe i will fly out to the desert and see progress on burning man

or maybe i will go to san francisco and see other friends that i miss and love

but i cant fly. so i have to sit here with all the shit thats going on and boil. tick tock tick tock my life away

why isn't everyone online now so we could have deep/silly conversations.

why dont i have devious co-workers who might want to go and smoke some cheeba in the parking lot, and then we can build paper airplanes. ooo paper airplanes.

why doesn't MIA invade our building, and kidnap me and take me to london, to a dubstep show where the bass will just jolt me out of this funk, and into a better funk.

I CANNOT WAIT FOR TOMORROW. So much dancing and sweating to do. and FYI, I do plan to get obliterated beyond belief. not in a bad way, in a good way

are you still reading? really....that interested? well then why dont you call me so we can talk about this interest. why dont u rescue me in your paper airplane and take me somewhere magical???

ps....i love my friends (new and old) without you i would be dead

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