Feb 17, 2010

Work vs Play

For most of my professional career these two things have usually been at odds.

But not until recently (last few years) have I managed to bring these two things together to a point where work = play and play = work.

It's with some very wonderful luck and personal dedication that I have been given a chance to work with The Do LaB!

Today, I've been looking through almost a thousands pictures from Lucent L'amour (our big Valentines music and art festival) and I am almost overcome with tears of joy. Seriously.

Bless up!!

[ps... slideshow coming soon to my Lucent L'amour post.]

Tonight, I'll be out and about promoting PANTyRAiD and Lightning in a Bottle... if you see me make sure you get yourself one of our brand new flyers! I'll be checking out Low End Theory and a having a second dose of Stanton Warriors:

... brought to you by Jordan ...

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